31-03-2020 Flat glass in climate-neutral Europe - Triggering a virtuous cycle of decarbonisation

The transition to a carbon neutral EU requires deep energy demand reductions in key sectors of the economy such as buildings and transport, and that the remaining energy consumed is carbon neutral. Such transformations can only be achieved if the conditions are created for all actors and industrial sectors to maximise their multi-faceted contributions to this low-carbon revolution. 

The European flat glass sector takes it as its role to produce at a competitive price the materials essential for renovating Europe’s buildings, for supporting the clean mobility transition and for increasing the share of renewable solar energy in Europe. While already providing net carbon-avoidance products, the flat glass sector is looking into ways to massively scale up its contributions to the carbon neutral transition, including by developing novel ways to lower its industrial emissions. 
The challenges and barriers to overcome are not to be under-estimated and realising the industry‘s mission of the lowest possible carbon flat glass sector in a climate-neutral Europe will not be an easy task but one the sector has long embraced.

Our industry believes that if Europe successfully triggers a virtuous cycle of decarbonisation, the flat glass sector will be able to maximise its contributions to this unprecedented societal and climate challenge and will strategically contribute to a vibrant climate-neutral Europe.

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